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LapSnapper Lap Timing Software version 5.19.0 – Beta / 8th of Oct, 2018 have been released

LapSnapper proudly announces LapSnapper Lap Timing Software version 5.19.0/8th of Oct, 2018. Renewed software introduces several new features such as LapSnapper Socket Server Interface supports JSON encoded messages, etc.. Notice: Software version 5.19.0 is a new software meant for the year 2019. Please be advised, it is still in development and testing phase. It will [...]

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LapSnapper Socket Server Interface v2.00 has been introduced

LapSnapper proudly announces LapSnapper Socket Server Interface version 2.00. Renewed socket server interface support JSON encoded messages and brings lots of development possibilities in the future. Version 2.00 socket server interface is supported by LapSnapper software version 5.19.0, which beta version will be available soon. See LapSnapper Socket Server Interface v2.00 specification: here

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LapSnapper is also suitable for RC boats

LapSnapper is also suitable for RC boats. LapSnapper Magnetic Strip can be embed to water by installing the magnetic strip inside the aluminium profile. Two buoys can be used to support the aluminium profile in the water. Please see more info about recommended product to the RC boats here.

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Press release: LapSnapper Lap Timing System product update

Oulu, Finland 22th of May, 2018 – LapSnapper is a Finnish technology company, which develops, manufactures and sells the LapSnapper lap timing systems. LapSnapper products are intended to Radio Controlled cars (RC) and Karting. LapSnapper has delivered several hundred of LapSnapper lap timing systems and thousands of LapSnapper transponders to all over the world. The [...]

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LapSnapper production has been developed further during last 6 months

We are happy to announce that we have developed our production further during last 6 months. We have invested to our factory and manufacturing processes. Our production capacity is now double compared to last year. Our primary target has been to shorten the delivery times and offer a better service for the our customers. Our [...]

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LapSnapper Lap Timing System Software version 5.01 have been released

We are happy to announce that LapSnapper Lap Timing System Software version 5.01/7th of Dec, 2017 have been released. This is a major software update, which includes new features. The most interesting changes are related to the LapSnapper Server and driver info management. The WiFi is not anymore mandatory for the LapSnapper Server. The LAN [...]

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Technical note at 22th of Nov, 2017: Recommended Android devices for the LapSnapper

LapSnapper lap time measurement system can be used on all Android devices such as Android smart phones, tablets, mini computers and TV boxes, which has Android version 4.0 or newer and USB 2.0 or USB OTG support. LapSnapper has an advanced support for the system recovery for example after the system totally crashes or decoder [...]

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