LapSnapper download center is meant for the LapSnapper customers. Customers can download the LapSnapper software and the user manuals after purchasing of the LapSnapper lap timing system. Please find required product information from the label, which is located inside the LapSnapper product package.


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LapSnapper Lap Timing Software 2020 (Software for the lap timing system)
LapSnapper Client Software 2020 (Receives the lap times via WiFi network to the TV, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.)
LapSnapper for Trainers 2020 (Sales discontinued)

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Version 5.20.1/22th of May, 2020 *

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Please see software version history here!

* Notice: LapSnapper Software version 5.20.x supports LapSnapper Socket Server version 5.20 or newer. Please make sure that your third party software also supports a new LapSnapper Socket Server Interface, before taking it to use. Link to LapSnapper Socket Server Interface Specification version 5.20