The technical note gives the basic information about how the LapSnapper Kart Timing System are used in the karting.

LapSnapper Kart Timing System product kit includes all required components for the lap time measurement except an Android smart device. The kit includes n pcs LapSnapper Transponders and 4.8 m wide start/finish line. The system can be extended by having more transponders and the start/finish line can be widen by having more magnetic strip modules. There are no limit for the amount of transponders and the maximum width of the start/finish line is 18 m.

Please see the technical note about selecting the Android smart device for the LapSnapper. Link to technical note.

Normally the timekeeper is few ten of meters away from the start/finish line. Same time the recommended distance from the LapSnapper Decoder to the start/finish line is 7 to 10 m and the LapSnapper Decoder need to be connected to the Android smart device. This creates a situation, where the distance between the Android smart device to LapSnapper Decoder need to extend. The distance can be extended maximum 30 m by using the USB 2.0 expansion cable or maxuimum 50-100 m by using USB 2.0 RJ45 extender.

TV screen or equivalent can be added to the system by connecting it to the HDMI connector of Android device (Screen mirroring) or by using LapSnapper Client software.

WiFi and lan network is optional in basic installation but it is required, when the LapSnapper Client software, wireless printer or third party race manegement software are used. WiFi network can be build by using WiFi router or by creating WiFi hotspot by using smart device.

The race results can be printed to the paper by using wireless printer. Android printer application is required from the printer manufacturer. Android printer applications are available on the Google Play store.

LapSnapper Magnetic Strips need to be installed to the start/finish line and optional sector lines. Magnetic strips are normally buryd into asphalt or concrete. This requires a groove to the asphalt or concrete. Recommended size of groove is 15 mm x 35 mm (W x H). The length of groove is as long as the race track is wide. The groove can be made by using the wall chaser (For example: Makita SG150 Wall Chaser) or grinder. Magnetic strips can be glued to groove by using glue mass. Example about usable glue mass is Soudal Fix All High Tack or equivalent. Estimated consumption of Soudal Fix All High Tack is about 1 pcs/m.

LapSnapper Magnetic Strip modules should be installed to a row and a narrow edge upwards. A wider edge can be also installed upwards, when the height of the magnetic strip need to be optimized. Magnetic strip modules have to reject each others, when the modules are set in a row. Magnetic strip modules have a matching point, which is meant for help of the installation. Magnetic strips have been installed correctly, when the matching points of the magnetic strip modules are side by side. Double magnetic strip are done by installing two LapSnapper Magnetic Strips side by side.

LapSnapper Kart Timing System supports a LapSnapper Server, which makes it possible to connect LapSnapper Client and third party race management software to the LapSnapper via Wifi or lan.

Please see detailed installation instructions from the LapSnapper User Manual. The LapSnaper User Manual is available from the LapSnapper product support page: Technical documentation page

Last updated 6th of May, 2020