Contents of release:

  • LapSnapper Lap Timing System Software for Android
  • LapSnapper Trainer Software for Android
  • LapSnapper Client Software for Android

Release date: 7th of Dec, 2017

Version number: 5.01

Installation instructions:

The software release is available from LapSnapper software update server free of charge for the all our customers. Software update can be activated from option menu of LapSnapper software by selecting Check availability of software updates, when Android smart device is connected to the Internet.

Major changes:

This is a major software update, which includes major new features.

The software release introduces following changes:

  • Improvement of handling driver information
    • Driver information are saved automatically for later use
    • Saved driver information are loaded automatically to software
    • Support for duplicating existing driver information
    • Driver information can be loaded from the results
  • Results file name includes session name
  • WiFi is not mandatory , when lap times are send to the LapSnapper Client Software. The LapSnapper Server is available also without WiFi. The system do not ask to activate WiFi, when Automatic startup is activated. This is useful, when LAN is used
  • Hardware setting (Transponder and decoder) are moved from the Mainmenu to the Options Menu

Following improvements have been released to the original software release:

Patch 3: 5.01.3 / 29th of Jun, 2018

  • New feature: Transponder generation information has been added to the hardware settings dialog
  • New feature: PDF report is generated also for empty session
  • Bug fix: Fix to situation, where showing the lap times are blocked 30 to 60 secs, when software are started and WiFi network is available and activated without Internet or Internet connection is poor
  • Bug fix: Snap all/driver filter feature has been fixed in the Session Information dialog. All sessions have own Snap all/driver selection
  • Bug fix: Fix related to situation, where lap times are edited in results browsing state. Measuring the new lap times are blocked in all cases on the closed session
  • Bug fix: PDF reports can’t show special characters. Date and time format has been modified so that date and time does not include special characters

Patch 2: 5.01.2 / 15th of Jan, 2018

  • New feature: Software update is redesigned. SW update does not use anymore browser
  • New feature: PDF report is generated also for emty session.
  • Bug fix: Minimum lap time feature is fixed

Patch 1: 5.01.1 / 8th of Dec, 2017

  • Lap times of the LapSnapper Lap Timing System Software Demo have been changed longer
  • Default session name has been changed from the “date and time” to the “No name”
  • Default result filename has been modified