Oulu, Finland 22th of May, 2018 – LapSnapper is a Finnish technology company, which develops, manufactures and sells the LapSnapper lap timing systems. LapSnapper products are intended to Radio Controlled cars (RC) and Karting.

LapSnapper has delivered several hundred of LapSnapper lap timing systems and thousands of LapSnapper transponders to all over the world. The most of the products are used in RC cars, karting and slot cars. LapSnapper has also other customers such as a cyclists, activity centers, etc.

LapSnapper target is to be a major player in lap timing systems markets. LapSnapper is now building interoperapility to existing systems. LapSnapper announces, that LapSnapper is compatible with RCM (www.rc-timing.ch) and RaceFacer (www.racefacer.com/en) softwares. RCM software is a major player in the RC and Karting car racing. RaceFacer software is a innovative challenger on the karting software markets.

LapSnapper also proudly releases new updated versions of LapSnapper Transponder (Gen2) and LapSnapper Transponder for Karting (Gen2). New transponder version comes with all improvements done during last 4 years including new optimized software and double protection against the water and air humidity.

All changes have been moved immediately to production.